best games to play during quarantine

The pandemic COVID-19 has spread globally throughout the globe. The majority tries to look for a way to entertain themselves inside the house, and they finally found the answer. Games are one of the popular outlets to release your boredom Indoors. Many have searched for the best games to play during quarantine, but not all games fit your quarantine life.

Because of the quarantine, games’ high demands have increased significantly. People are switching to games for entertaining themselves during the quarantine. Here are top games you have to check out during quarantine

The best games to play during quarantine are games that are relaxing and adventurous at the same time. These games not only entertain, but they also relieve the stress of being confined at home. Here is the list of games to play during the quarantine. 

1. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is similar to Harvest Moon games, and a pretty much chill game. Players will be transported to the cozy and warm atmosphere of Pelican Town. This game is an online game that is available on many platforms. Same with Harvest Moon, players will be urged to make their farm. Additionally, you can romance the available NPC in Pelican Town as well.

You can ask your NPC partner for a date and attend certain events, for example spring dance together. Boosted with friendly NPCs with varieties of past and calming background music, Stardew Valley is indeed the best game to play during the quarantine. If you’re feeling lonely, you can invite your friends to play with you in this game. You can work together on the farm and cohabit in the same house. 

2. Kind Words

Kind Words is an online game where you sit in a room while listening to lo-fi music. The game is useful for you who just want to ask someone days and chat regularly with other players anonymously through exchanging messages in-game. You can form friendships in-game by exchanging letters and gifts, it’s a good game to socialize with other players if you’re lonely. 

The gifts from other players can be used to decorate your room interior. The game may seem repetitive, but overall it could stimulate and boost your mental and mood while in quarantine season. 

3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Feeling stuck at home and bored? Then this game will surely entertain you folks. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available in Nintendo Switch. This game is family-friendly and a chill game. The nice background music and NPC designs give therapeutic effects to the players. Players can create their town and layout the streets as much as they like. 

Similar to Stardew Valley, you can decorate your house interiors and talk to the available NPC. You can maintain a good relationship with your friendly neighbors, boosted with a beautiful atmosphere and environment.

You can do lots of things in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, for example fishing, buying clothes, customizing your interior, or even catching some stag beetles. 

What do you think about the best games to play during quarantine list above? Any of these games piqued your interest? If you want to play games during the pandemic, try to maintain a healthy gaming schedule so that it won’t obstruct your work or duties.

best games in play store

There is nothing more exciting than completing one mission. Moreover, when you have to shoot your enemy and move forward for the next challenge. As we see that shooting game today, it doesn’t only make someone happy. But also it pushes their adrenaline. Thus, we are here want to show you all the best games in Play Store in 2020 to fulfill your satisfaction.

Shooting game genre might be more suitable for a male. But, in fact, there are many women who are masters in this case too. That is why no matter you are the gentle or feminine one, you will need these best games in Play Store. Now get your phone and make sure you have enough storage. Then, install one of the time killers below:

1. Call of Duty

This game is still one of the best games in Play Store in early 2020. You can enjoy the mission with your friends or strangers. Each game is able for 5 players depends on the model you choose, which are team deathmatch, frontline, domination, also search and destroy. You can upgrade the weapon and skins by spending currency. But those don’t matter if you don’t pay attention to them.

2. PUBG Mobile

It is a piece of good news when PUBG is able to play through mobile. Your free time would be exciting when dropped in a mission. You will be placed on an island that was fully loaded with weapons, vehicles, ammo, and gears. No matter you are part of the team or playing solo, all you need to do is being the last man standing.

3. Critical Ops

If you want to test yourself as a shooter, then this game might be suitable for you. Critical Ops requires you to choose one of the modes which are bomb defusing, team deathmatch, and gun game. It is a fast-paced and intense game. Don’t be worry if you want to play with someone. Critical Ops has a big community, so you always have friends to play with.

4. Guns on Boom

Are you bored with the black-white games look? Then, playing Guns on Boom will cheer you up. This game is very bright, fun, and colorful. The cartoon character is under your control. Within the well-designed weapon and maps, you can enjoy the game with people. Use your gold to upgrade the weapon and health kits. By the end, you will realize that all you have to do is being the winner with everything you have.

5. Hitman: Sniper

If you love to arrange a strategy, then be the sniper! Playing Hitman: Sniper allows you to take a little time before attacking. Your job here is planning an action after that do your strategy to remove enemies. Once you complete the mission, you get extra money which very useful to upgrade your weapon. Playing this game is like being a director for yourself safety.

Those are the best games in Play Store to play for shooting lovers. We know that shooting is just one of your pleasures. But the real satisfaction is when you finally finish each level. No matter if you have to spend the cost to get the best weapon and gears.

Puzzle games for kids

It should be something great when you have kids at your house because they will make you feel embarrassing. However, taking care of a kid and make him have good knowledge is another challenge. We can teach them with an interesting game, puzzle for example. Puzzle games for kids can hone their way to think rationally and also make him comfortable.

Nowadays, we do not need to visit any toy store near our house to buy one piece of the puzzle. The technology advance helps our life become easier than ever. We can easily found a lot of interesting puzzle games on our device, neither android or IoS. We will give you some of the best Puzzle games for kids you can find on Android. Here we go!

1. Coco – Educational Games 2020

This is one of the best puzzle games for kids you should give to your kids. This game had many features and different pictures that will not make your kids feel bored. Not only puzzles but this game also offers children maths game features. Your kids can easily set up the levels of difficulty according to his age. Above all, this is the best way to train your kid’s brain outside the classroom.

2. Santa Words

When you very young children, then you should teach them about new words and their meanings. Santa Words is the kind of puzzle that lets your kids arrange the letters into the right words. You can bother them while they play this game and teach them the meaning. As a result, your kids will know a lot of important words to help them grow up.

3. Super Puzzle – Jigsaw Puzzles for Toddlers

When you searching for something like the real jigsaw puzzles, you can try this application. This application can be downloaded for free on Android, you don’t need to pay any cent to enjoy this one. However, you can choose a lot of famous cartoon character pictures that will entertain your kids. This game can help them build a good relationship between the brain, eyes, and hands.

4. Pinkfong Kids Puzzle Fun

Do you want to give your kids a good puzzle game without spending any money? Then this is the best game you can choose. This game offers a lot of cute animal puzzles with great different color. Your kids will be interested in the puzzle and they will feel comfortable with it. This can be the best chance to improve their skill in thinking about the right solution.

5. Kids Jigsaw Puzzles

When the real jigsaw puzzles will let you clean up the mess of the fraction, this one is not. You can let your kids play the puzzle as they want without worry about the loss fraction. However, Kids Jigsaw Puzzles only have simple shapes like triangles, circles, and squares. As a result, it will be fit your child and they will not feel it is too hard and get boring too fast.

So there are some of the best Puzzle games for kids you can download on your Android. All of these games are free for you so you don’t need to spend much money on your kids’ game. Also, this is the right time to teach them how to use technology in the right way. 

best free individual games for android

Playing a group game with your friends is a fun activity. But sometimes you just want to enjoy your free time by playing a game alone. So, these are the 5 best free individual games for android as a recommendation for you. Check it out!

1. Worms Zone .io-Voracious Snake

Having more than 50 million downloads, this game is trending recently. The interesting graphics and simple rule may be the reasons why Worms Zone is being favorite. And it is not wrong if you say this is one of the best free individual games for android.

On playing it, you only need to increase the weight of your worm by eating the food around. If a worm crash into you, it will die and you can eat it too then. That also applies to you, so don’t let you crash the other worms.

2. Subway Surfer

Released in 2012, Subway Surfer has more than 1 billion downloads after eight years. The game is fun and simple without losing the challenges. So, no wonder if people keep downloading and playing it.

In this game, your mission is to escape from an Inspector who chase you. Along with the game, the character will keep running. You only need to control it to the left or the right while collecting the coins. Besides, you also have to dodge the trains that go towards you.

3. Dr. Parking 4

By only the name you must know what game it is. Yes, this is a parking simulation game. What you do here is to park a car in a parking area with some rules. 

Don’t think Dr. Parking 4 will be a boring game to play. This game provides some features you will like. You can choose various kinds of cars of different sizes. The bigger size will be more challenging. There are also some difficulty levels and excellent graphics.

4. Archery Master 3D

One again, a simulation game for you. This one is an archery game that felt so real. The impressive 3D graphics and awesome animations can bring you to enjoy the view while archery. Don’t forget about the controls that will help you to aim the target precisely. 

You can choose many bows and arrows. Four locations can open by qualifying certain achievements. In each location, there are many levels you need to go through.

Archery Master 3D is rated 4.3 in Play Store with more than 100 million downloads. The size is light, so it won’t make your android system overload.

5. Smart Puzzles Collection

For you who like to challenge your brain, Smart Puzzles Collection is a good idea to download. Several different puzzles can also be played offline. Some of them are block, pipe, hex, and crystal.

This game doesn’t take up a large space. So, don’t worry if you have a low specs device. Smart Puzzles Collection is also family-friendly because it is rated for 3+.

Those are the 5 best free individual games for android to accompany your free time. It is time to take a rest. Be relaxed, start playing, and enjoy the game.

best games for kids on ipad

These past few years, technology and gadget have developed quite quickly in almost all segments. People can do almost anything with gadgets and the internet from shopping to learning. Therefore, it is no secret that almost everyone in this world has a gadget for their daily life, including kids. Rather than just forbidding from using gadgets, parents can support them by downloading the best games for kids on iPad. By downloading the right game, kids can learn something new rather than just being addicted to gadgets.

There are many games available online that parents can download for their kids. However, ensure to download the right game according to their age so they can learn from playing. Make sure to also supervise your kids when they play the games. So, for those looking for educational best games for kids on iPad, check these out:

1. Counting Pizza Party

As its name, in this game, your kids will have to count the number of pizzas available to the chef. Kids will have to choose the options given to them. If they choose the right answer they will continue on the next stage. The next stage will become more difficult, therefore this is a great game for kids to learn how to count. There will also be some tricks in the games to make kids think out of the box.

2. Bubble Buster: Addition to Ten

For parents who want their kids to play and learn how to calculate in math can download this game. The main way to play this game is by popping out bubbles in the square. However, inside the game, there are numbers from one to ten. Kids will have to pop out those balloons that equal to ten. Therefore, they can choose and pop more than one bubble to add up to ten.

3. Home-Row Typing

One of the best games for kids on iPad to learn the alphabet is Home-Row Typing. The game is also supported by voices; therefore, they can also learn how to pronounce it. Kids must choose the next alphabet from the given alphabet in the game.

4. Shopping Sorts

Like its name, in this game kids will be shopping in a supermarket where there are many products available. They will be given a list of products that they will have to shop for. The computer will announce the words too, therefore, your kids can practice pronounce them too. By playing this game, your kids can learn new words such as vegetables and fruits.

5. Less or Greater

Kids can learn less than or greater in the game that has the same name. There will be two numbers provided in the game and kids will have to determine which is bigger and smaller. It is a very simple game, but very educational for kids to know which is bigger and smaller.

So, playing an iPad is not always bad if parents know the limits and games. Therefore, make sure to download the best games for kids on iPad where they can learn something new. Develop their games as they grow up because they will need new knowledge and challenges.

best vr games oculus

Nowadays play a game is not limited to the console. As technology develops better, that also works on the game. The product of highly advanced technology is virtual reality or VR for short. It provides player real-experience game. In short of time, VR becomes more popular among gamers. One of the games and VR technology that highly regards gamer is Oculus. It launches many games and all of them are good games. But, if you want to play the best VR games Oculus, then these games may be perfect for you.

best vr games oculus

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an easy game yet still one of the best VR games Oculus. It is proven to be a popular game as it has sold over a million units. When you start playing this game, be careful because you may get addict to it. The game itself is very simple. You just need to slice the red and blue blocks according to the music using dual lightsabers. Not only have to move your hands, but you also need to move your limbs to avoid the advancing walls.

There are several difficulties you can choose from. For a beginner who just wants to have fun, it’s better to choose “Easy” difficulties. But, if you want a challenge to choose the options “Hard” or “Expert”. When you want to play this game, make sure the room is large enough because you will move a lot.

2. Wilson’s Heart

For horror lovers, Wilson’s Heart may be a perfect game for you. The setting of the game is in 1940 and you will play as Wilson whose heart has been replaced. This game is full of scary moments and jump scare. While you’re playing as Wilson and try to find out why you have to be in such a situation, you will meet with other characters who on the same page as you.

3. Creed

Want to play a game and doing exercise at the same time? Then you should play Creed. Moreover, if you’re a boxing lover as you will addict to this game. Creed challenges you through a single-player and multiplayer. When playing single-player mode, you will face an NPC and like real boxing, you should dodge the opponent attack and try to launch an attack as well.

While single-player only involve you and the NPC, multiplayer requires other online players. When playing in multiplayer mode, you will face a new challenge that makes Creed worth playing.

4. Budget Cuts 1&2

Being a spy at this age may be super hard, but not in the game world. You can experience how it feels to be a spy by sneaking around when playing Budget Cuts 1&2. You will play as the only human in the company having robots as workers. And your job is to find out the motive behind budget cuts and solve the mystery of the disappearance of your pals.

You need to move your body a lot when playing this game as you need to hide or climb and even sneak around your enemies.

VR is a breakthrough in the game world. And with the best VR games Oculus, you can enjoy the virtual reality games more. But, don’t get too addicted to games and forget about real life.

Another NetEnt slot online has recently been propelled at online gambling clubs like InterCasino. It is an uncommon slot from various perspectives. The name Archangel’s Salvation is interesting and will have players think about what the slot machine is about. As a matter of fact it turns out be a showdown between the unfathomably lovely chief heavenly messenger and the demon’s henchwoman. The fine art is phenomenal and can slow the ongoing interaction in the event that you don’t have the most recent PC. On the left of the reels the lead celestial host skims in glorious light. On the correct side, the fallen angel’s henchwoman works from the fires of hellfire. Both are vivified and assume their separate jobs. The slot machine structure is additionally strange. It has 6 reels and 12 lines with 100 paylines stumbling into them. The reel set appears to be little in the bigger graphical portrayal.

The line payouts are produced using left to directly on paylines of course. The most lucrative images are the lead celestial host and the fallen angel’s henchwoman. They can seem extended in piles up to 12 high. The medium compensation images are four aesthetically planned insignias. 3, 4, 5 and 6 dissipate images grant 10, 15, 20 and 25 free twists individually.

The Heaven and Hell highlights are the features of this NetEnt video slot. Wild images and Hot Spot regions are the keys to initiating these highlights. The primary wild image is a 2×2 square. It covers two lines across two reels. The best two lines, clearly, establish the Heaven Hot Spot. The last two lines establish the Hell Hot Spot. The Hot Spots increment to three columns during the free twists.

The Heaven include is activated when the square wild image lands halfway or completely in the Heaven Hot Spot. On the off chance that it lands incompletely, at that point two piles of wild images are created on arbitrarily picked columns. In the event that the image lands completely, at that point four stacks are produced. The Hell include is activated when the square wild image lands halfway or completely in the Hell Hot Spot. In the event that it lands incompletely, at that point 8 singleton wild images are created on haphazardly picked spots. In the event that the image lands completely, at that point 16 singleton wild images are created. The two highlights can be enacted in a similar turn. Highlight reactivation is additionally conceivable relying upon where the wilds are created.

Best Games For Low Spec PC

Playing games on a PC is the best compared to playing on tablets or mobile phones. Using a PC, playing games becomes easier and more flexible. The screen is also wider; therefore, people get a better scene of the game. However, downloading a game on a low spec PC can cause the PC to slow down. Therefore, try to download the best games for low spec PC that doesn’t slow down your PC. 

Best Games For Low Spec PC

The best games for low spec PC doesn’t mean it is boring or not interesting. However, it means the size of the game should be small and supported by the PC. Some of the top games in the world usually support this, therefore you can still play interesting games. For those who are looking for interesting games, here is some option:

1. Minecraft

For those who like to play harvest moon or games that plants things can download Minecraft. Just like other harvesting games, players can harvest any kinds of plants. By harvesting these plants people will get points and other kinds of features that can help them in the game. This is a relaxing but fun game people can play to fill in their time. Just don’t let your harvest too long because they can die and reduce your points. 

2. Thimbleweed Park

This game is a mystery but also killing kind of game. Therefore, there are two tasks that people will have to do in this game. First, they must solve the problem going on and make sure to capture the right person. However, along the process players will be disturbed by many people therefore they must remove them. Just make sure to not kill the wrong person. Or get killed by an enemy too because this can cause your points reduced. 

3. Cuphead

A fun racing game that people can download for their PC is Cuphead. The cartoon made in this game is very funny and artistic making it attractive. The game itself is fun and challenging for players to play. It is just not a racing game because throughout the race people will face many obstacles. The obstacles aren’t just nails or bumps but people and enemies that are cups. So, have fun racing through the worlds of cups.

4. Hotline Miami

One of the best games for low spec PC that is killing people is Hotline Miami. In this game, people will have to do a mission but will also be disturbed by many people. Therefore, throughout the game, they must kill these people while doing their mission. Make sure to finish the tasks until the end of the game to win. 

5. Zombie Derby

A unique and interesting game for PC is zombie derby. Just from the name, you can know that the characters of the games are zombies. However, this is not a killing game but a racing derby between zombies. To win the game, people must reach the finish line first while racing against other zombies. In the middle of the race, there are features that will help accelerate your speed. 

There you go, those are the best games for low spec PC that people can download. They are fun to play and best they don’t make your PC slow. So, download these games and have fun playing them. 

Games online for 4 years old

Playing a game is always interesting for every kid. Moreover, when they are in exploring age, it is the time they want to know about everything. The age of 4 is the right moment to introduce them as many new things as you can. Thus, playing a game is one of the best ways. In this digital era, you cannot deny when your kid has a strong willingness to play an online game. Don’t be worry, because here we have a list of the games online for 4 years old.

Games online for 4 years old

Limiting screen time doesn’t mean forbidding them to touch the tablet or smartphone at all. However, they should be introduced to technology earlier. This is due to avoid the wrong concept when they know technology from other people. As the parents or teachers, you can use game online to be the media. By playing together with them, you can see their reaction when interacting with the gadget. Just try to play these games online for 4 years old below and have fun together.

1. ABCya

You can play ABCya through Android or desktop. Inside this game, there are categories you can choose, such as language, math, and story, or, you can also choose based on grade. This game is suitable for 4 years old and older. The grade is started from Kindergarten until elementary school.

2. PBS KIDS Games

More than 90 preschool games are available here. Not only the games that will entertain you, but also the animation too. The kids will learn about weather, shapes, sea creatures, painting, tools, and all things around them. More than that, the game teaches the kids how to build a strategy, so you can see their problem-solving thinking.

3. Lingokids

This game is one of the best educative games for learning English. Almost all children around the world use Lingokids to upgrade their language skills. You don’t need to wonder about the content because the Oxford University Press supported inside. Introduce more vocabulary, verbs, and adjectives through games, songs, audiobooks, and other features here.

4. My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Just like the name, this game will relate to caterpillar and its facts. But, once you play the game, you will also know the other animals around the world. By playing puzzle games, the kids will practice remembering, counting, and sorting. The beautiful illustration will make the kids love to play again and again.

5. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

This game requires your kid to explore Daniel Tiger’s home and his neighborhood. This game is very good to teach social-emotional and practical life skills. There are also songs to sing along together about daily life. Each episode, Daniel Tiger will show the different conditions of him.

Actually, there are still lots of games online for 4 years old, whether for desktop, Android, or even iOS. Surprisingly, you don’t need to think about the subscription and others, because it is all free. Remember, by playing these games, your kids are not doing useless things. Because learning is not only about sitting inside the class. When they get something new and the skill is upgraded, that is the real learning time.

most popular tournament games

Games have become a thing that is loved by some people. His fans are not only from men but women and children. This makes the developers hold a tournament to give appreciation to talented gamers. The following are the most popular tournament games.

most popular tournament games

1. Garena Free Fire

The Free Fire has become a very popular game on Android. And until now, its existence remains one of the most popular games in the Play Store. This proves that the battle royale game genre is indeed on the rise, so the developers often hold certain events such as tournaments.

Developers of this game, often hold tournaments with fantastic prizes both at national and international levels. An example of such a tournament is the International level FFWC or Free Fire World Cup Tournament with a total prize of up to $ 100,000.

2. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

The game developed by Moonton is one of the most popular tournament games. Mobile Legends developers often hold tournaments. One of the official tournaments is the Professional Mobile Legends League Tournament or MPL tournament with a total prize of up to $ 120,000.

This game is indeed much in demand by all circles ranging from elementary school children to adults can come to play this game. Therefore, mobile legend competitions are often held in several countries.


Unknown or commonly called PUBG Battlegrounds is a game with the battle royale genre, which can be played with 100 people at once. In this game, players can play solo, team 2 people, team 4 people, can also invite friends to join the game as a team.

This game has also become one of the many games played by people around the world. Therefore, this developer often holds tournaments for all PUBG players in the world. In 2019, the tournament that was held by PUBG was participated by 16 teams from various countries.

4. Fortnite

Fortnite is also one of the most popular tournament games. This game was developed by Epic Games in 2017. This game comes equipped with various game modes. Fortnite can be played on various devices such as PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Fortnite World Cup became the first breakthrough at the beginning of the journey of Fortnite, a zombie survival game PvE to battle royale, reaching internationally. Recently, esports athlete Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf, 16, won the Solo Fortnite World Cup final. The American teenager collected 59 points and took home a prize of US $ 3 million.

5. Dota 2

Valve Corporation is a developer who developed a MOBA video game called Dota 2. This game is also quite popular with most people in the world.

Dota held a game tournament in the Asia Pacific called the 2019 Asia Pacific Predator League. In this qualification, they succeeded in eliminating the 16 best PUBG teams and 8 DOTA 2 teams.

That’s the 5 most popular tournament games in the world. The success and popularity of the game made the developers hold a tournament. The aim is to give appreciation to gamers who have faithfully played the game and appreciate the talent of playing the gamer.