Everlasting Running Games Free for Android

Have a long holiday already? Or, are you spending time now in the waiting room? Yes, we know that it is boring, doing nothing and waiting. Moreover, for something that is uncertainty. Well, why don’t you try to play a game? When you are holding an Android, there are a lot of things you can do, including playing a game. We recommend you to play the running game. If you are confused, then this article will give you a list of running games free for Android.

Indeed, many kinds of games in the Play Store. But, nothing is more boosting your adrenaline than playing the running game. It is not only increasing your heartbeat but also requires your focus too. Once you are distracted, you will be the loser. That is why the running game is suitable for you while waiting or just spending time. These running games free below are worth to play:

1. Minion Rush

Every gamer must know this interesting game. Minion Rush shows you the little cute Minion who runs catching each banana. The minion is in Gru’s place. This minion has another task too which avoiding many distractions. If you successfully achieve the ending, you will be rewarded with many coins. This game was firstly released on June 2013.

2. Kiko Run

Actually, Kiko character is adapted from the TV serial movie. Since its first launching on February 2019, this game has thousands downloader now. The player will be Kiko who runs with his friends catching Krabbot. Are you curious about the Krabbot? Well, just download, install, then play the hame. You will find how funs Kiko and his friends are running through various locations.

3. Sonic Dash

We think that no need to explain more about Sonic. As a gamer, you must already know who this famous Sega character is. Sega offers you the awesome 3D view in this game. Sonic has to run along the way, avoiding threats, and collecting points and power as much as you can. Don’t be worry, there are other characters you can choose, such as Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails.

4. Subway Surfers

This is one of the most popular running games free in Play Store. You will be a teenager who makes graffiti along the street with your friends. Then, then the police are coming, so you need to save yourself by collecting power. Since it was launched in September 2012, Subways Surfers is still counting the fans even though today catch a thousand people.

5. Temple Run

The reason why we put this game last is that Temple Run is the most must-played running game. There is nothing more boosting your adrenaline than this game. As the player, you are a man who runs along the temple avoiding crazy monkeys and many things. Don’t forget to collect coins as many as you can. We assure you want to play this game more and more.

Before you are looking for the other games, just try those running games free above first. Because you will be sorry if you haven’t tried one of them. By having an Android on your hand, it is not difficult to kill the time. Waiting is not a big deal anymore as long as you play a game.