In this era, available a lot of things we can do, one of them is playing a game. Our technology has been growing a lot, so our lives also getting easier than before. However, playing video games can kill our boring and increase our mood. You can play a game on your android, laptop, iOS, or a tablet device. But have you ever think some of the best video games based on movies?

Some developer has grown up many different video games that adapted from famous movies. You may have played one of them before because it is exciting to be one of the main characters. It is important to choose the right one because not every games is interesting. Some of them is not as good as the movie because so you might be disappointed. Here we write down some of the best video games based on movies you can play!

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is the first game that we recommend you to play. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is an action-RPG that will give you thrilling experience. However, this game was released originally on Xbox but you can also play it on PC using launcher. You will feel how it be to fight Jedi and Dark Lords and saving the galaxies. It is one of the best games with great graphics you will ever find.

2. GoldenEye 007

Who did not know about this old GoldenEye 007 movies? This is one of the famous movies in this world and there available one game based on this film. If you play this game, you will feel how incredible its graphics. Moreover, this game will call up your old memories of the film and make you remember it again. Above all, the new version of this game can make you play a multiple-player mode with your buddies.

3. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 was released in 2004 but still famous and some people rewatched it until this day. On the game, Spider-Man 2 was using an open world where the main character can go anywhere. It feels nice when you play a Spider-Man role and then climbing over the skyscrapers. Moreover, there are available a lot of different missions. Just take it and save the Manhattan City from attackers.

4. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This game maybe not interesting for some players but honestly, it has some interesting points. First, some people in the movies were made this game and make it has the same voice as the original. Honestly, this movie was made using the Ghostbusters 3 story, the movie that never made yet. You will enjoy catching some ghosts with some humor sense in this game. Just take your device and feel how the Ghostbusters 3 was.

Well, these are the top 4 best video games based on movies you can play. Even it was not a new one in the world of the game, but it will entertain you. So, which game you will try to bother you get through the weekend? I hope you have the same taste as me and get happy with those games.

how to be a pro gamer

Many people underestimate a game is a time-wasting job. Even so, many people do not yet know that someone can benefit in the form of money by playing games. To get these benefits, one must be a pro gamer. The following is an explanation of how to be a pro gamer.

how to be a pro gamer

1. Choose The Appropriate Online Game

To be a pro game player, one must choose a game that suits him. Games that are suitable and easy for players to master will provide opportunities for these players to continue to win. And the selected game must also be an online game that can be played directly together with other players.

That way, the player’s ability to play the game will increase and his reputation will be known by other players. From there, the opportunity for players to become a pro gamer will be greater.

2. Have Motivation

In doing a job, someone needs motivation. A simple example is when someone is having difficulties, he will tend to despair and stop doing his work. But if the person has the motivation, then he will try to realize his dreams or goals. This also applies to gamers.

A gamer must have a strong motivation to be able to make it a pro gamer. Examples of motivation are like winning and money to be able to prove to family or others who underestimate the person. Therefore having motivation is one way of how to be a pro gamer.

3. Increase Play Skill

There is a saying that says “practice makes perfect”. Apparently this saying has been proven by many people who have managed to realize their dreams. This proves that no success is generated instantly.

Therefore, to become a pro gamer must practice a lot to improve playing skills. By practicing often, the player will know his shortcomings in playing so he can correct these mistakes.

4. Prepare Equipment

Equipment is a mandatory thing that must be prepared by a gamer. Without perfect equipment, a person will not be able to play the game to its full potential. Moreover, an online game will make improvements so that the game gets better again.

Of course, a gamer must adjust his PC equipment to be able to fight other players and become the best. That is why preparing equipment is a must that must be done by a player to become a pro gamer.

5. Join the Community

Joining the gamer community is one way of how to be a pro gamer.A community is an association with the same background and goals.

By joining a community, gamers will certainly open insight into the tactics or strategy of a game in depth. In addition, a gamer can also be better known by other gamers and can play together to improve skills.

6. Enter the Tournament

If a gamer already has a lot of skills, then all he needs to do is enter the tournament. By entering a game tournament, gamers can show their abilities to others.

In addition, if the gamer wins the tournament, then he gets another good reputation, prizes, and recognition from others. That way, these gamers will increasingly get the opportunity to compete with a higher level. So that gamers can become pro gamers.

That was six ways from how to be a pro gamer. If you want to become a pro player, then there are many things to do. Like practicing a lot, preparing good play equipment, joining a community and much more.

Have a long holiday already? Or, are you spending time now in the waiting room? Yes, we know that it is boring, doing nothing and waiting. Moreover, for something that is uncertainty. Well, why don’t you try to play a game? When you are holding an Android, there are a lot of things you can do, including playing a game. We recommend you to play the running game. If you are confused, then this article will give you a list of running games free for Android.

Indeed, many kinds of games in the Play Store. But, nothing is more boosting your adrenaline than playing the running game. It is not only increasing your heartbeat but also requires your focus too. Once you are distracted, you will be the loser. That is why the running game is suitable for you while waiting or just spending time. These running games free below are worth to play:

1. Minion Rush

Every gamer must know this interesting game. Minion Rush shows you the little cute Minion who runs catching each banana. The minion is in Gru’s place. This minion has another task too which avoiding many distractions. If you successfully achieve the ending, you will be rewarded with many coins. This game was firstly released on June 2013.

2. Kiko Run

Actually, Kiko character is adapted from the TV serial movie. Since its first launching on February 2019, this game has thousands downloader now. The player will be Kiko who runs with his friends catching Krabbot. Are you curious about the Krabbot? Well, just download, install, then play the hame. You will find how funs Kiko and his friends are running through various locations.

3. Sonic Dash

We think that no need to explain more about Sonic. As a gamer, you must already know who this famous Sega character is. Sega offers you the awesome 3D view in this game. Sonic has to run along the way, avoiding threats, and collecting points and power as much as you can. Don’t be worry, there are other characters you can choose, such as Shadow, Knuckles, and Tails.

4. Subway Surfers

This is one of the most popular running games free in Play Store. You will be a teenager who makes graffiti along the street with your friends. Then, then the police are coming, so you need to save yourself by collecting power. Since it was launched in September 2012, Subways Surfers is still counting the fans even though today catch a thousand people.

5. Temple Run

The reason why we put this game last is that Temple Run is the most must-played running game. There is nothing more boosting your adrenaline than this game. As the player, you are a man who runs along the temple avoiding crazy monkeys and many things. Don’t forget to collect coins as many as you can. We assure you want to play this game more and more.

Before you are looking for the other games, just try those running games free above first. Because you will be sorry if you haven’t tried one of them. By having an Android on your hand, it is not difficult to kill the time. Waiting is not a big deal anymore as long as you play a game.

Playing games on phones are fun and simple because they can be brought anywhere. There are also many games available for Android that people can play online or offline. One of the many games people like to play is PUBG, which is a challenging game. In this game, people will have to battle with other people and who survives the last is the winner. One of the advantages of this game is it can be played up to 100 people, so it makes the game fun. However, having to be online to play it is the minus part of the game. Therefore, now a day’s people choose other games offline like PUBG for android. 

Games Like PUBG

Playing games online can be fun especially if we can go against other people around the world. However, playing online can cause some money and consume the internet packet. Therefore, rather than playing PUBG, many people prefer to play games offline like PUBG for android. The games are like PUBG, but they don’t need the internet to play it. They can also go against other people but usually using Bluetooth. Here are some of the games like PUBG for android lovers to play:

1. Cover Fire

This is one of the games that most people play and say that is like PUBG. People can play this game for free without having to pay for anything. Even though it is free, the game still offers great 3D graphics. The feature inside the games is just like PUBG too, from the levels to the weapons. To win this game, players must complete each mission on each level. After completing each level, players will get rewards and they can use these rewards for developing their weapons. 

2. Dome of Doom

Another game that is very likely like PUBG is the Dome of Doom. The characters in this game is just like PUBG, even the flow of the game is the same. In this game, players will be dropped off from a plane into a wide battlefield. The background of the game and the equipment is just like PUBG, but it is all offline. Another advantage of the game is that the size is small, so it will not make the memory full. 

3. Battle Royale Simulator

For those who love the competition and is always ready for new challenges must try the game of battle. In this game of battle, people will be able to have to complete a certain mission rather than just killing people. The game also provides a chance for players to develop their weapons and ability. With these features, many people say this is one of the games offline like PUBG for android that is worth-able. 

4. Desert Battleground

In this game, to be the winner of the game players must achieve the highest score. To get the highest, they must kill other people using the weapons they have. Not like other games, players must play individually here so there are no teams to join in. 

5. Royal Robots Battleground

This is another game like PUBG but with a robotic theme for the characters. Just like PUBG, this is a battle game competing against other players. However here, you will not against people but robots. Other than that, there is no big difference between PUBG and royal robots. 

So, these games offline like PUBG for android are fun to play even though offline. In fact, Playing these games are free without the internet. They will only need the internet when they are upgrading the game. But other than that, playing these games don’t need the internet. 

Animation is a collection of objects in the form of images that can move. Most people like animation-themed movies or games. Not only children, but adults also like it. Many game companies have finally made games with animated themes to attract gamers. Here are some animation games online free.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the best animation film from Japan. This film appeared in 1990 with the theme of the battle story using cards. Finally, the biggest game developer in Japan named Konami made the story into a game. Everyone can access this game easily and for free. This is what makes this game an animated game that is quite popular.

It has been proven that more than 1 million people have downloaded and played this game on Android. The advantage of this game is that the animation is 3D and there are several star-studded ones like Yugi, May, Joey, Kaiba and many more.

2. RPG Toram Online

The next animation games online free is RPG Toram Online. As the name implies, this game has an RPG theme and can only be played on Android online.

The story or plot of this game is a catalyst that destroys the world and causes humans to divide into 4 groups. The advantage of this game is that players are free to choose characters as they wish and can improve their abilities with the “Skill System”.

4. Monster Super League

The next online animated game is a super league monster. A developer named 4:33 made a game with a fun and exciting animation theme. Players must collect as much Astromon as possible. There are 550 types of Astromon that must be collected by players.

What is unique about this game is that Astromon collected will improve player skills. To play this game is very easy to download it in the Play Store. Players can play this game on Android for free.

4. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Surely a lot of people are familiar with this one animation. Naruto is one of the best-selling animated films from Japan which has quite a number of fans.Bandai Namco as the game developer presents the game with the concept of action.

Players can use characters in Naruto movies and duel with other characters. This game is also one of the best animation games online free. To play it enough to download this game on Playstore.

5. LoveLive! School Idol Festival

This one game can be played by men and women. This game is adapted from a Japanese animation film that is quite famous namely LoveLive!School Idol. Take the concept of a story about a group of school children who become idols.

Therefore, this game is an exciting and very addictive rhythm game. Players can choose characters to play more than 80 songs. This game is very easy for beginners to play because there are practice features. To get this game, just download it on PlayStore and play it for free on Android.

Those are some of the best animation games online free that can be played on Android. These games are very easy to access and play. You only need to download it in the Playstore and it can be played for free. Therefore, it’s a shame if animation fans skip these games.

Skiing is one sport that is very popular when winter comes. For those who want to try this sport, one must first know what equipment is needed. This is to avoid injury or accidents when skiing. The following are some of the must-have ski gear for beginners.

1. Ski Wear

The main thing a beginner must have when skiing is ski clothes. Places to ski are usually low temperature.Therefore, skiers must wear special clothes such as long john, warm long-sleeved underwear.

Long John will really help players to ward off cold temperatures when playing in low-temperature mountains. In addition, beginners must use a jacket and waterproof pants. This aims to keep the player’s body dry when falling on the melting ice sheet.

2. Helmet

The next ski gear for beginners is a helmet. The ski area is usually divided into 3 namely black, green and blue. Blue arena specifically for beginners who are really just learning the sport of skiing. Green for those who are already quite proficient while black for those who are already proficient.

In the blue arena light collisions can still occur, especially in the black arena with a high slope level. Therefore it is important for beginners to use a helmet to protect the head from collisions.

3. Ski Boots

Skiing is incomplete without ski boots. These shoes are different from shoes in general.This shoe is specially designed to be able to blend with the binding.The size is quite heavy and stiff which will make the wearer unable to move freely.

But it is intended that ice flakes do not easily enter into shoes. The tighter the ski boots, the better. The level of tightness of shoes can be adjusted by using 4 hooks and 1 velcro belt.

4. Ski Board

The next ski gear for beginners is the ski board. Without this board, players will not be able to do this one sport.Usually the board is used when the player is on the ice.For the board size must be in accordance with the height and weight of the player.

Usually the height of the board will be as high as the player’s nose. The board must also be arranged with bindings so that they are easily released when falling. Because boards that are difficult to pull off during a fall will aggravate the injury conditions experienced by players.

5. Gloves

Gloves also become one of the equipment that must be used by beginners. Cold air will usually be felt first by the hand.The gloves used are not ordinary gloves but special gloves with waterproof material.

These gloves will protect your hands from the cold air and ice chips when skiing. This will also add to the concentration of beginners when you first learn this sport.

6. Glasses Or Goggles

Glasses or Goggles is also one of the ski gear for beginners. The white color of the ice in the ski area will reflect sunlight. This will make the player’s eyes glare and hurt that makes the player unfocused. Therefore, it is important to use sunglasses with protection against UV rays or sunglasses. Can also use goggles which are usually already in a package with a ski helmet.

The five pieces of equipment are important to have for beginners who want to do skiing. All of these tools aim to protect players from injuries or accidents that could have happened at any time. Therefore do not miss any equipment for safety.

If you feel bored with your daily activities, you can relax for a moment. Do something that is fun and that you like. For example, you can play online game action when you have free time that is very exciting for you to play.

You can only play this game online so that the game is more fun for you to play. Action games usually offer games with physical challenges, for example, you have to be smart at coordinating your hands and eyes. Here is the best online game action you should play:

1.     Supper Buddy Kick

The first online game action that you must play is Supper Buddy Kick. This game was only released in June 2019 but there are many fans of this game. You can access this very exciting game on desktop or on mobile.

You have to mutilate ragdoll in many variations. For example, you can hit it with a knife; hammer or even you can shoot it with a gun or rifle. After you attack him, you just have to wait to see if the grenade in the ragdoll’s body will explode.

2.     Combat Reloaded

If you want to play online games with your friends, you can play Combat Reloaded. You can play this game with your friends because this game is an online multiplayer game. Moreover, you have to survive using your strength in this game.

In addition, you also have to get a lot of points so that your team can win. You can find weapons that are more sophisticated than the weapons you have. Then, you can add strength to your team with more sophisticated weapons.

3.     Mr. Bullet

This game is a game by Lion Studios which is popular with unique games. You will act as a legendary hero who has a cool gun. The mission is quite easy; you have to kill all the enemies on the screen.

Mr. Bullet a legendary secret agent who is on a mission to save the world. You can only move the direction of Mr. Bullet by using the touch screen. Simply touch in the desired position, and Mr. Bullet will shoot in that direction.


If you want to play action games online but you like classic old games, this game is for you. In this game, you will become a snake and have to eat small pellets. The more you eat the pellets, the bigger you will become.

However, you can play with your friends in this game because this game is a multiplayer game. You can do the same action while competing with other players. This game is very exciting because you can play with millions of players around the world.

5.     Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark

The last game that you can play when you have free time is Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark. You can play this exciting game by selecting vehicles, tracks, and game modes. Moreover, you will play in the wild and exciting water slides.

Do tricks; collect as many coins as possible and you can perform various actions on an exciting track. The more coins you collect and increase your score, the better it will be.

Online game action is very exciting and fun for you to play. You can play all those games when you have free time. Then, you can also invite your friends to play together because many games are multiplayer games.