Ski Gear For Beginners That Must Be Have

Skiing is one sport that is very popular when winter comes. For those who want to try this sport, one must first know what equipment is needed. This is to avoid injury or accidents when skiing. The following are some of the must-have ski gear for beginners.

1. Ski Wear

The main thing a beginner must have when skiing is ski clothes. Places to ski are usually low temperature.Therefore, skiers must wear special clothes such as long john, warm long-sleeved underwear.

Long John will really help players to ward off cold temperatures when playing in low-temperature mountains. In addition, beginners must use a jacket and waterproof pants. This aims to keep the player’s body dry when falling on the melting ice sheet.

2. Helmet

The next ski gear for beginners is a helmet. The ski area is usually divided into 3 namely black, green and blue. Blue arena specifically for beginners who are really just learning the sport of skiing. Green for those who are already quite proficient while black for those who are already proficient.

In the blue arena light collisions can still occur, especially in the black arena with a high slope level. Therefore it is important for beginners to use a helmet to protect the head from collisions.

3. Ski Boots

Skiing is incomplete without ski boots. These shoes are different from shoes in general.This shoe is specially designed to be able to blend with the binding.The size is quite heavy and stiff which will make the wearer unable to move freely.

But it is intended that ice flakes do not easily enter into shoes. The tighter the ski boots, the better. The level of tightness of shoes can be adjusted by using 4 hooks and 1 velcro belt.

4. Ski Board

The next ski gear for beginners is the ski board. Without this board, players will not be able to do this one sport.Usually the board is used when the player is on the ice.For the board size must be in accordance with the height and weight of the player.

Usually the height of the board will be as high as the player’s nose. The board must also be arranged with bindings so that they are easily released when falling. Because boards that are difficult to pull off during a fall will aggravate the injury conditions experienced by players.

5. Gloves

Gloves also become one of the equipment that must be used by beginners. Cold air will usually be felt first by the hand.The gloves used are not ordinary gloves but special gloves with waterproof material.

These gloves will protect your hands from the cold air and ice chips when skiing. This will also add to the concentration of beginners when you first learn this sport.

6. Glasses Or Goggles

Glasses or Goggles is also one of the ski gear for beginners. The white color of the ice in the ski area will reflect sunlight. This will make the player’s eyes glare and hurt that makes the player unfocused. Therefore, it is important to use sunglasses with protection against UV rays or sunglasses. Can also use goggles which are usually already in a package with a ski helmet.

The five pieces of equipment are important to have for beginners who want to do skiing. All of these tools aim to protect players from injuries or accidents that could have happened at any time. Therefore do not miss any equipment for safety.