Animation is a collection of objects in the form of images that can move. Most people like animation-themed movies or games. Not only children, but adults also like it. Many game companies have finally made games with animated themes to attract gamers. Here are some animation games online free.

1. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the best animation film from Japan. This film appeared in 1990 with the theme of the battle story using cards. Finally, the biggest game developer in Japan named Konami made the story into a game. Everyone can access this game easily and for free. This is what makes this game an animated game that is quite popular.

It has been proven that more than 1 million people have downloaded and played this game on Android. The advantage of this game is that the animation is 3D and there are several star-studded ones like Yugi, May, Joey, Kaiba and many more.

2. RPG Toram Online

The next animation games online free is RPG Toram Online. As the name implies, this game has an RPG theme and can only be played on Android online.

The story or plot of this game is a catalyst that destroys the world and causes humans to divide into 4 groups. The advantage of this game is that players are free to choose characters as they wish and can improve their abilities with the “Skill System”.

4. Monster Super League

The next online animated game is a super league monster. A developer named 4:33 made a game with a fun and exciting animation theme. Players must collect as much Astromon as possible. There are 550 types of Astromon that must be collected by players.

What is unique about this game is that Astromon collected will improve player skills. To play this game is very easy to download it in the Play Store. Players can play this game on Android for free.

4. Ultimate Ninja Blazing

Surely a lot of people are familiar with this one animation. Naruto is one of the best-selling animated films from Japan which has quite a number of fans.Bandai Namco as the game developer presents the game with the concept of action.

Players can use characters in Naruto movies and duel with other characters. This game is also one of the best animation games online free. To play it enough to download this game on Playstore.

5. LoveLive! School Idol Festival

This one game can be played by men and women. This game is adapted from a Japanese animation film that is quite famous namely LoveLive!School Idol. Take the concept of a story about a group of school children who become idols.

Therefore, this game is an exciting and very addictive rhythm game. Players can choose characters to play more than 80 songs. This game is very easy for beginners to play because there are practice features. To get this game, just download it on PlayStore and play it for free on Android.

Those are some of the best animation games online free that can be played on Android. These games are very easy to access and play. You only need to download it in the Playstore and it can be played for free. Therefore, it’s a shame if animation fans skip these games.