best free individual games for android

Playing a group game with your friends is a fun activity. But sometimes you just want to enjoy your free time by playing a game alone. So, these are the 5 best free individual games for android as a recommendation for you. Check it out!

1. Worms Zone .io-Voracious Snake

Having more than 50 million downloads, this game is trending recently. The interesting graphics and simple rule may be the reasons why Worms Zone is being favorite. And it is not wrong if you say this is one of the best free individual games for android.

On playing it, you only need to increase the weight of your worm by eating the food around. If a worm crash into you, it will die and you can eat it too then. That also applies to you, so don’t let you crash the other worms.

2. Subway Surfer

Released in 2012, Subway Surfer has more than 1 billion downloads after eight years. The game is fun and simple without losing the challenges. So, no wonder if people keep downloading and playing it.

In this game, your mission is to escape from an Inspector who chase you. Along with the game, the character will keep running. You only need to control it to the left or the right while collecting the coins. Besides, you also have to dodge the trains that go towards you.

3. Dr. Parking 4

By only the name you must know what game it is. Yes, this is a parking simulation game. What you do here is to park a car in a parking area with some rules. 

Don’t think Dr. Parking 4 will be a boring game to play. This game provides some features you will like. You can choose various kinds of cars of different sizes. The bigger size will be more challenging. There are also some difficulty levels and excellent graphics.

4. Archery Master 3D

One again, a simulation game for you. This one is an archery game that felt so real. The impressive 3D graphics and awesome animations can bring you to enjoy the view while archery. Don’t forget about the controls that will help you to aim the target precisely. 

You can choose many bows and arrows. Four locations can open by qualifying certain achievements. In each location, there are many levels you need to go through.

Archery Master 3D is rated 4.3 in Play Store with more than 100 million downloads. The size is light, so it won’t make your android system overload.

5. Smart Puzzles Collection

For you who like to challenge your brain, Smart Puzzles Collection is a good idea to download. Several different puzzles can also be played offline. Some of them are block, pipe, hex, and crystal.

This game doesn’t take up a large space. So, don’t worry if you have a low specs device. Smart Puzzles Collection is also family-friendly because it is rated for 3+.

Those are the 5 best free individual games for android to accompany your free time. It is time to take a rest. Be relaxed, start playing, and enjoy the game.