best games in play store

There is nothing more exciting than completing one mission. Moreover, when you have to shoot your enemy and move forward for the next challenge. As we see that shooting game today, it doesn’t only make someone happy. But also it pushes their adrenaline. Thus, we are here want to show you all the best games in Play Store in 2020 to fulfill your satisfaction.

Shooting game genre might be more suitable for a male. But, in fact, there are many women who are masters in this case too. That is why no matter you are the gentle or feminine one, you will need these best games in Play Store. Now get your phone and make sure you have enough storage. Then, install one of the time killers below:

1. Call of Duty

This game is still one of the best games in Play Store in early 2020. You can enjoy the mission with your friends or strangers. Each game is able for 5 players depends on the model you choose, which are team deathmatch, frontline, domination, also search and destroy. You can upgrade the weapon and skins by spending currency. But those don’t matter if you don’t pay attention to them.

2. PUBG Mobile

It is a piece of good news when PUBG is able to play through mobile. Your free time would be exciting when dropped in a mission. You will be placed on an island that was fully loaded with weapons, vehicles, ammo, and gears. No matter you are part of the team or playing solo, all you need to do is being the last man standing.

3. Critical Ops

If you want to test yourself as a shooter, then this game might be suitable for you. Critical Ops requires you to choose one of the modes which are bomb defusing, team deathmatch, and gun game. It is a fast-paced and intense game. Don’t be worry if you want to play with someone. Critical Ops has a big community, so you always have friends to play with.

4. Guns on Boom

Are you bored with the black-white games look? Then, playing Guns on Boom will cheer you up. This game is very bright, fun, and colorful. The cartoon character is under your control. Within the well-designed weapon and maps, you can enjoy the game with people. Use your gold to upgrade the weapon and health kits. By the end, you will realize that all you have to do is being the winner with everything you have.

5. Hitman: Sniper

If you love to arrange a strategy, then be the sniper! Playing Hitman: Sniper allows you to take a little time before attacking. Your job here is planning an action after that do your strategy to remove enemies. Once you complete the mission, you get extra money which very useful to upgrade your weapon. Playing this game is like being a director for yourself safety.

Those are the best games in Play Store to play for shooting lovers. We know that shooting is just one of your pleasures. But the real satisfaction is when you finally finish each level. No matter if you have to spend the cost to get the best weapon and gears.