In this era, available a lot of things we can do, one of them is playing a game. Our technology has been growing a lot, so our lives also getting easier than before. However, playing video games can kill our boring and increase our mood. You can play a game on your android, laptop, iOS, or a tablet device. But have you ever think some of the best video games based on movies?

Some developer has grown up many different video games that adapted from famous movies. You may have played one of them before because it is exciting to be one of the main characters. It is important to choose the right one because not every games is interesting. Some of them is not as good as the movie because so you might be disappointed. Here we write down some of the best video games based on movies you can play!

1. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

This is the first game that we recommend you to play. Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic is an action-RPG that will give you thrilling experience. However, this game was released originally on Xbox but you can also play it on PC using launcher. You will feel how it be to fight Jedi and Dark Lords and saving the galaxies. It is one of the best games with great graphics you will ever find.

2. GoldenEye 007

Who did not know about this old GoldenEye 007 movies? This is one of the famous movies in this world and there available one game based on this film. If you play this game, you will feel how incredible its graphics. Moreover, this game will call up your old memories of the film and make you remember it again. Above all, the new version of this game can make you play a multiple-player mode with your buddies.

3. Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2 was released in 2004 but still famous and some people rewatched it until this day. On the game, Spider-Man 2 was using an open world where the main character can go anywhere. It feels nice when you play a Spider-Man role and then climbing over the skyscrapers. Moreover, there are available a lot of different missions. Just take it and save the Manhattan City from attackers.

4. Ghostbusters: The Video Game

This game maybe not interesting for some players but honestly, it has some interesting points. First, some people in the movies were made this game and make it has the same voice as the original. Honestly, this movie was made using the Ghostbusters 3 story, the movie that never made yet. You will enjoy catching some ghosts with some humor sense in this game. Just take your device and feel how the Ghostbusters 3 was.

Well, these are the top 4 best video games based on movies you can play. Even it was not a new one in the world of the game, but it will entertain you. So, which game you will try to bother you get through the weekend? I hope you have the same taste as me and get happy with those games.