best vr games oculus

Nowadays play a game is not limited to the console. As technology develops better, that also works on the game. The product of highly advanced technology is virtual reality or VR for short. It provides player real-experience game. In short of time, VR becomes more popular among gamers. One of the games and VR technology that highly regards gamer is Oculus. It launches many games and all of them are good games. But, if you want to play the best VR games Oculus, then these games may be perfect for you.

best vr games oculus

1. Beat Saber

Beat Saber is an easy game yet still one of the best VR games Oculus. It is proven to be a popular game as it has sold over a million units. When you start playing this game, be careful because you may get addict to it. The game itself is very simple. You just need to slice the red and blue blocks according to the music using dual lightsabers. Not only have to move your hands, but you also need to move your limbs to avoid the advancing walls.

There are several difficulties you can choose from. For a beginner who just wants to have fun, it’s better to choose “Easy” difficulties. But, if you want a challenge to choose the options “Hard” or “Expert”. When you want to play this game, make sure the room is large enough because you will move a lot.

2. Wilson’s Heart

For horror lovers, Wilson’s Heart may be a perfect game for you. The setting of the game is in 1940 and you will play as Wilson whose heart has been replaced. This game is full of scary moments and jump scare. While you’re playing as Wilson and try to find out why you have to be in such a situation, you will meet with other characters who on the same page as you.

3. Creed

Want to play a game and doing exercise at the same time? Then you should play Creed. Moreover, if you’re a boxing lover as you will addict to this game. Creed challenges you through a single-player and multiplayer. When playing single-player mode, you will face an NPC and like real boxing, you should dodge the opponent attack and try to launch an attack as well.

While single-player only involve you and the NPC, multiplayer requires other online players. When playing in multiplayer mode, you will face a new challenge that makes Creed worth playing.

4. Budget Cuts 1&2

Being a spy at this age may be super hard, but not in the game world. You can experience how it feels to be a spy by sneaking around when playing Budget Cuts 1&2. You will play as the only human in the company having robots as workers. And your job is to find out the motive behind budget cuts and solve the mystery of the disappearance of your pals.

You need to move your body a lot when playing this game as you need to hide or climb and even sneak around your enemies.

VR is a breakthrough in the game world. And with the best VR games Oculus, you can enjoy the virtual reality games more. But, don’t get too addicted to games and forget about real life.