Playing games on phones are fun and simple because they can be brought anywhere. There are also many games available for Android that people can play online or offline. One of the many games people like to play is PUBG, which is a challenging game. In this game, people will have to battle with other people and who survives the last is the winner. One of the advantages of this game is it can be played up to 100 people, so it makes the game fun. However, having to be online to play it is the minus part of the game. Therefore, now a day’s people choose other games offline like PUBG for android. 

Games Like PUBG

Playing games online can be fun especially if we can go against other people around the world. However, playing online can cause some money and consume the internet packet. Therefore, rather than playing PUBG, many people prefer to play games offline like PUBG for android. The games are like PUBG, but they don’t need the internet to play it. They can also go against other people but usually using Bluetooth. Here are some of the games like PUBG for android lovers to play:

1. Cover Fire

This is one of the games that most people play and say that is like PUBG. People can play this game for free without having to pay for anything. Even though it is free, the game still offers great 3D graphics. The feature inside the games is just like PUBG too, from the levels to the weapons. To win this game, players must complete each mission on each level. After completing each level, players will get rewards and they can use these rewards for developing their weapons. 

2. Dome of Doom

Another game that is very likely like PUBG is the Dome of Doom. The characters in this game is just like PUBG, even the flow of the game is the same. In this game, players will be dropped off from a plane into a wide battlefield. The background of the game and the equipment is just like PUBG, but it is all offline. Another advantage of the game is that the size is small, so it will not make the memory full. 

3. Battle Royale Simulator

For those who love the competition and is always ready for new challenges must try the game of battle. In this game of battle, people will be able to have to complete a certain mission rather than just killing people. The game also provides a chance for players to develop their weapons and ability. With these features, many people say this is one of the games offline like PUBG for android that is worth-able. 

4. Desert Battleground

In this game, to be the winner of the game players must achieve the highest score. To get the highest, they must kill other people using the weapons they have. Not like other games, players must play individually here so there are no teams to join in. 

5. Royal Robots Battleground

This is another game like PUBG but with a robotic theme for the characters. Just like PUBG, this is a battle game competing against other players. However here, you will not against people but robots. Other than that, there is no big difference between PUBG and royal robots. 

So, these games offline like PUBG for android are fun to play even though offline. In fact, Playing these games are free without the internet. They will only need the internet when they are upgrading the game. But other than that, playing these games don’t need the internet.