Games online for 4 years old

Playing a game is always interesting for every kid. Moreover, when they are in exploring age, it is the time they want to know about everything. The age of 4 is the right moment to introduce them as many new things as you can. Thus, playing a game is one of the best ways. In this digital era, you cannot deny when your kid has a strong willingness to play an online game. Don’t be worry, because here we have a list of the games online for 4 years old.

Games online for 4 years old

Limiting screen time doesn’t mean forbidding them to touch the tablet or smartphone at all. However, they should be introduced to technology earlier. This is due to avoid the wrong concept when they know technology from other people. As the parents or teachers, you can use game online to be the media. By playing together with them, you can see their reaction when interacting with the gadget. Just try to play these games online for 4 years old below and have fun together.

1. ABCya

You can play ABCya through Android or desktop. Inside this game, there are categories you can choose, such as language, math, and story, or, you can also choose based on grade. This game is suitable for 4 years old and older. The grade is started from Kindergarten until elementary school.

2. PBS KIDS Games

More than 90 preschool games are available here. Not only the games that will entertain you, but also the animation too. The kids will learn about weather, shapes, sea creatures, painting, tools, and all things around them. More than that, the game teaches the kids how to build a strategy, so you can see their problem-solving thinking.

3. Lingokids

This game is one of the best educative games for learning English. Almost all children around the world use Lingokids to upgrade their language skills. You don’t need to wonder about the content because the Oxford University Press supported inside. Introduce more vocabulary, verbs, and adjectives through games, songs, audiobooks, and other features here.

4. My Very Hungry Caterpillar

Just like the name, this game will relate to caterpillar and its facts. But, once you play the game, you will also know the other animals around the world. By playing puzzle games, the kids will practice remembering, counting, and sorting. The beautiful illustration will make the kids love to play again and again.

5. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

This game requires your kid to explore Daniel Tiger’s home and his neighborhood. This game is very good to teach social-emotional and practical life skills. There are also songs to sing along together about daily life. Each episode, Daniel Tiger will show the different conditions of him.

Actually, there are still lots of games online for 4 years old, whether for desktop, Android, or even iOS. Surprisingly, you don’t need to think about the subscription and others, because it is all free. Remember, by playing these games, your kids are not doing useless things. Because learning is not only about sitting inside the class. When they get something new and the skill is upgraded, that is the real learning time.