Best Games For Low Spec PC

Playing games on a PC is the best compared to playing on tablets or mobile phones. Using a PC, playing games becomes easier and more flexible. The screen is also wider; therefore, people get a better scene of the game. However, downloading a game on a low spec PC can cause the PC to slow down. Therefore, try to download the best games for low spec PC that doesn’t slow down your PC. 

Best Games For Low Spec PC

The best games for low spec PC doesn’t mean it is boring or not interesting. However, it means the size of the game should be small and supported by the PC. Some of the top games in the world usually support this, therefore you can still play interesting games. For those who are looking for interesting games, here is some option:

1. Minecraft

For those who like to play harvest moon or games that plants things can download Minecraft. Just like other harvesting games, players can harvest any kinds of plants. By harvesting these plants people will get points and other kinds of features that can help them in the game. This is a relaxing but fun game people can play to fill in their time. Just don’t let your harvest too long because they can die and reduce your points. 

2. Thimbleweed Park

This game is a mystery but also killing kind of game. Therefore, there are two tasks that people will have to do in this game. First, they must solve the problem going on and make sure to capture the right person. However, along the process players will be disturbed by many people therefore they must remove them. Just make sure to not kill the wrong person. Or get killed by an enemy too because this can cause your points reduced. 

3. Cuphead

A fun racing game that people can download for their PC is Cuphead. The cartoon made in this game is very funny and artistic making it attractive. The game itself is fun and challenging for players to play. It is just not a racing game because throughout the race people will face many obstacles. The obstacles aren’t just nails or bumps but people and enemies that are cups. So, have fun racing through the worlds of cups.

4. Hotline Miami

One of the best games for low spec PC that is killing people is Hotline Miami. In this game, people will have to do a mission but will also be disturbed by many people. Therefore, throughout the game, they must kill these people while doing their mission. Make sure to finish the tasks until the end of the game to win. 

5. Zombie Derby

A unique and interesting game for PC is zombie derby. Just from the name, you can know that the characters of the games are zombies. However, this is not a killing game but a racing derby between zombies. To win the game, people must reach the finish line first while racing against other zombies. In the middle of the race, there are features that will help accelerate your speed. 

There you go, those are the best games for low spec PC that people can download. They are fun to play and best they don’t make your PC slow. So, download these games and have fun playing them.